Banks can help reduce online fraud (such as identity fraud) because they provide certainty about the real identity of customers. Because these customers can identify themselves with iDIN at other organisations via their own bank. Banks can offer this certainty of identity because every customer of the bank has already provided the necessary proof of identity when opening a bank account. Which has been duly verified by the bank. In addition, banks have more than 20 years of experience with reliable login methods with which their customers can authenticate their identity online in a secure manner.

Privacy guaranteed

  • You see exactly what information an organization requests and that data will only be passed on after you first explicitly give your approval.
  • With iDIN only your personal data can be provided. Organizations cannot access your financial data, such as balance and payment data, via iDIN.
  • Your data is sent encrypted to Merchants. iDIN has the same high security, fraud-proofing and monitoring, such as the existing internet banking and iDEAL products.
  • Information about your use of iDIN is not used by the bank for its own commercial purposes, and not resold to others.