iDIN is developed by banks for consumers. With iDIN, you can log in securely and uniformly, identify yourself and/or confirm your age on the websites of public institutions, insurance companies and online shops. You do this by using the secure and trusted login method of your bank. This means that you need to remember far-fewer user names and passwords.

Consumer has full control

It is you yourself who instructs your bank to provide the data needed to identify you to an organisation. So you have full control over what data is provided to each party. This data may vary per organisation. For example, your bank – the issuer – may ask for confirmation for providing your name and home address at the request of a particular company and for a confirmation of your age on behalf of another company.

The Dutch Consumers Organisation has tested iDIN on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration and determined that it is secure and easy, intuitive and fast to use.

Ready for use

iDIN is, in principle, immediately available to all customers who have access to online banking. However, this may differ from bank to bank. Please contact your bank for more information.