Acquirers as Licensees and DISPs as Certificate Holders for iDIN

Acquirers and Digital Identity Service Providers (DISP) act as identity service providers for businesses (merchants). They offer merchants the possibility of integrating iDIN on their websites based on various agreements. They also inform the merchant about the costs and (technical) possibilities to implement iDIN.

If Acquirers or DISPs want to play a role in iDIN, they must approve through a Control Self-Assessment (CSA) that they comply with the rules set by iDIN B.V. After certification, their names are announced on this page as Acquirer or DISP of iDIN. The advantage of this publication is that there is clarity about the parties that are authorised to offer the iDIN service.

iDIN Acquirers operating as Licensees

iDIN DISPs operating as Certificate Holders

Most recent update: 12 June 2019