• Businesses

    • What are the benefits of iDIN for a merchant?

      • Certainty of identity
        Provides certainty about the identity of your customer
      • Immediately available and secure
        Immediately available for use by millions of customers on your website with the reliable and secure login method of their own bank
      • Increased conversion rates
        Allows the possibility of offering new online services and makes your customer’s personal data available to you
      • Protects against fraud
        Protects your company against identity fraud thanks to the fraud monitoring procedures of banks
    • Is iDIN really secure?

      iDIN is based on online banking and uses the same security techniques. This means that iDIN is just as secure as online banking.

    • What does iDIN cost for organisations?

      Banks and DISPs are free to determine the costs they charge for iDIN. Each bank has its own pricing policy.

    • Is there any promotional material available for iDIN?

      Yes, various logos are available. You may request these via the form provided on the ‘Request Documentation’ page.

    • I am having difficulties implementing iDIN. What should I do?

      You have concluded an iDIN agreement with one of the participating banks or with a Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP). They also provide support for the technical implementation or iDIN-related problems on your website. For technical support, please contact your iDIN contracting party.

    • What does the name iDIN mean?

      The ‘iD’ stands for ‘iDentification’ and ‘IN’ stands for ‘logIN’. This is because, with iDIN, you can identify yourself online and use this for logging into websites of businesses and institutions.

    • Does iDIN also work on a smartphone or tablet?

      iDIN works on all mobile devices that have an internet connection and web browser. To make mobile usage even easier, iDIN participating banks have included iDIN in their mobile banking apps. If a consumer uses iDIN via the app, card readers, SMS-delivered TAN codes and other such systems are unnecessary. Most banks are live with iDIN via their mobile banking apps.

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