iDIN is a service offered by banks which allows consumers to use their bank’s secure and reliable login methods to carry out the following actions on the websites of other organisations:

  • Identify
  • Log in
  • Confirm age

You want to log in to an online shop, insurance company or public institution, but you’ve forgotten your password and maybe your username as well. Wouldn’t it be great if you could log in everywhere in the same way? That’s possible, directly with iDIN.

Our animation shows you how iDIN works and how to use it.

Would you like to offer iDIN?

Due to the rapid increase in digital services, businesses and institutions have an increasing need for certainty regarding the identity of online customers and users. With iDIN, customers or consumers can authenticate their identity easily and significantly reduce the number of accounts they use. As a result, there is less chance of forgetting passwords and they are assured of a secure login method. It also means that they do not have to provide their data repeatedly. For merchants, this saves time, manpower and paperwork and increases conversion rates. In short: increased efficiency in online identification, with a focus on user convenience, return on investment and the ever-stricter security and privacy requirements imposed by legislation.

Do you want to offer an easy and secure way for your customers to identify themselves or log in? If so, you may conclude an iDIN Agreement with one of the participating Acquirers (corporate bank) or a Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP) that offers various services to merchants. They will inform you about the costs and (technical) options to implement iDIN on your website.

More information for businesses.