As a consumer you can use iDIN if your bank (the ‘Issuer’) offers you as a customer the possibility to identify or login with iDIN and if you are on a website of a party that has an iDIN contract (Merchant) and asks you to identify or log in with iDIN.

Does my bank offer iDIN? Issuers as Licensees for iDIN

An Issuer is the bank of the consumer and gives its customers the possibility to identify themselves with iDIN or log in via their own internet or mobile banking environment. The Issuer provides the confirmation of the identity of the consumer to the Merchant. If an Issuer wishes to fulfill a role within iDIN, it must demonstrate through a control self-assessment that it meets the requirements set by iDIN B.V. (Rules & Regulations). After certification they are published on this page as Issuer of iDIN. The advantage of the publication is that it becomes clear to everyone which parties may participate in the iDIN service.

iDIN Issuer Licensees

Last update: 11 May 2017