• Certainty of identity
    Provides certainty about the identity of your customer.
  • Immediately available and secure
    Immediately available for use by millions of customers on your website with the reliable and secure login method of their own bank.
  • Increased conversion rates
    Allows the possibility of offering new online services and makes your customer’s personal data available to you. Consumers tend to quit the process if there are too many intermediate steps. With iDIN, these steps are minimal, making the customer journey easier and even making it possible to replace paper processes.
  • Protects against fraud
    Protects your company against identity fraud thanks to the fraud monitoring procedures of banks.
  • High-quality identification
    eIDAS reliability level ‘Substantial’.
  • GDPR compliant
    Helps fulfil one of the GDPR requirements: reliable and secure access for customers to their data.