Currence is the owner of the uniform payment products Acceptgiro, iDEAL, iDIN and e-mandates. It issues licences and certificates for these products to banks and suppliers within the payment system in the Netherlands.

The Rules & Regulations (R&R) create a level playing field for all parties that wish to participate in the iDIN scheme and therefore offer parties open access to the market. The R&R are transparent and non-discriminatory and an essential instrument for achieving a key objective: facilitating market transparency and market forces within the conditions specified for iDIN.

The R&R contain the requirements to be met by new and existing market parties. These requirements include the conditions for ensuring an efficient, secure and reliable mean of identification.

The R&R are structured based on a ‘system of roles’. Each role corresponds to a specific task within the iDIN scheme. Parties that meet the requirements defined in the R&R qualify for a Licence or Certificate Agreement, depending on the role they wish to undertake.

On our Currence website, you will find more information about how to apply for a licence or certificate and the rates charged by Currence for this. In addition, you can also fill in the Contact Form and indicate whether you want to become an Acquirer, Issuer or DISP.