Currence is the product and brand owner of the following Schemes: iDEAL (payments), iDIN (online identification service) and e-mandates (digital issuance of a valid mandate). A Scheme is a system of agreements, consisting of governance agreements, role descriptions, regulations and legal conditions as outlined in the Rules & Regulations (hereafter: R&R), including a set of technical requirements as outlined in the Technical Standards.

The R&R clarify the rules and agreements governing all relevant activities relating to iDIN. iDIN’s system of roles includes all Issuers and Acquirers licensed by Currence as well as certified Validation Service Providers (VSPs), Routing Service Providers (RSPs) and Digital Identity Service Providers (DISPs). The Merchant must have an iDIN contract with an Acquirer or DISP. In order to conclude an iDIN contract, the Merchant must meet the minimum acceptance criteria.

Currence safeguards the efficiency, quality (including reliability and image) and integrity of iDIN. Currence performs the following tasks:

  • Determines the strategy and policy for iDIN
  • Formulates, finalises and manages the R&R
  • Certifies Licensees and Certificate Holders
  • Monitors Licensees and Certificate Holders (with the option of imposing sanctions)
  • Coordinates anti-fraud measures
  • Develops and, if necessary, updates the Scheme and the underlying Products

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